A Guide for Purchasing a Home In New York

A home is one of the single biggest purchases a person may ever make, so smart buyers will take the time to educate themselves, make careful decisions and avoid acting impulsively. This guide should help with your education. This pamphlet is setup to help guide you through the basics of buying and financing a home in New York City. Its aim is to give you a general overview of the process in the most straight forward and concise fashion possible. With that said, we encourage you to put together a team of professionals to help you with your purchase. Your team should consist of a trio of experts in their fields; a real estate broker, a real estate attorney and a mortgage broker/banker. Use these professionals as a source of more detailed information and ask questions if you do not understand something. Items and information may change without notice. Always consult an attorney before signing a contract of sale. [Read More]

List of Recommended Resources

List of Recommended Resources such as Real Estate Attorneys, Lenders, Private Banking, Contractors, Movers, and Insurrance [Read More]