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Newsletter No. 9 | August 2016


Dear Friends,

I hope that you are enjoying your Summer and for those in Australia, I hope your skiing season goes well, I am looking forward to hitting the slopes in December! The first part of August I was on vacation with my family in Italy. We began our trip in Lucca and rented the beautiful Villa Giustiniani, pictured below
Villa Giustiniani Pic 1
Villa Giustiniani Pic 2
Villa Giustiniani Pic 3
Villa Giustiniani Pic 4
Villa Giustiniani Pic 5 The countryside is wonderfully beautiful, full of vineyards, medieval buildings and hills, the town of Lucca is famous for its intact Renaissance-era city walls. The next part of our trip took us to Florence, where I dropped into the Tuscany Sotheby's Intentional Realty office where I met with Florina Farinacci, who is the Office Manager. She showed me around their beautiful offices in the heart of Florence. Then it was to the at the end of the trip I met with Carlo Cavandoli who is the Sales Manager of the Rome Sotheby's International Realty office, also had a grand office located in a hidden palazzo.

Here in NYC the market continues to change, there is more inventory on the market in certain price categories and I am finding that sellers are keen to do a deal. If you are sitting on the fence about purchasing in NYC please do call me if you would like to further understand the market and how I can assist you. If you would like to see all my listings please click here .

Best regards


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